The Outstation

The complete touring solution for your vehicle.


The Outstation Measurements
The measurements for The Outstation depend on your particular vehicle. Please get in contact with us to discuss measurements.


Sliding Base

  • Powder coated heavy duty aluminium sliding floor
  • 2 x Undermount cargo drawers
  • Mounting Kit; Kitchen, fridge and water tank

Camp Kitchen

  • Longhaul Camp Kitchen, including;
  • 2 burner gas stove, 3 LED lights, 8 canisters, chopping board and washup dish

Compressor Mount

  • Compressor mount and compressor (Ironman 155CFN or equivalent)

Top Shelf

  • 3mm powder coated aluminium body and hangers suitable for; chairs, table or extra storage

Luggage Restraint

  • Aluminum profile cut luggage restraint

Water Tank 60Litre

  • Fully Plumbed aluminum 60Litre water tank with tap and pump

Battery Pack

  • Battery mounts and bracket to fit N70 size battery

Electrical Panel

  • All wired to a switch panel with; fuses, relays, USB chargers, volt meter and cigarette lighter plug

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