BBQ Plate

The Top End BBQ Plate is not your average BBQ.

Made from 3 mm Australian Bluescope steel, thick enough to hold the heat well without warping but light enough to carry and store behind the Top End Camp Kitchen.

The Top End BBQ Plate measures 500mm x 350mm and stands 225mm high when set up on a solid surface. It weighs approximately 6.5kg in its carry bag.

The star-cut openings in the plate act as a stove allowing for extra heat transfer to heat pots, pans and your billy faster, while still able to cook foods like your meats on the other side.

The front edge of the plate is rolled down to allow for easy seating of a saucepan or frying pan when placed over the star-cut heat slits. This folded down lip makes it easy to scrape off the plate at the end of the meal.  On the opposite side is a sturdy carry handle.


The legs are specifically designed to allow you to easily level the BBQ by pressing either side into the ground, and when it comes time to pack up the unit the legs lock into an engineered fold in the back of the plate so they don’t swing about as you return it to its canvas storage bag.

For more information please contact our friendly staff at Top End Campgear

BBQ Plate in Action