The Squatter

The Squatter Camp Kitchen perfect for flat pack cooking utensils

Compact Portable Camp Kitchens all Australian Made  

The Squatter Kitchen

$1,450.00 Incl GST

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All our other products; firepits, 4WD accessories etc are still available for purchase and can be ordered either via email or online.

Check out all of our other products; Firepits, 4WD accessories and Gas bottle holders etc. These are all available for purchase and can be ordered either via email or online.

400mm High x 650mm Wide x 520mm Deep

(These sizes include all catches, latches and hinges)

– Kitchen heights can be reduced by changing the convex  lid to a flat lid.

– Using a flat lid the Height is reduced by 3cm

  • Weight 30kg

– You can only use the short cannisters in your kitchen if you are using a flat lid.

– Kitchens can be installed either in a front or sideways position.

Available in
– Powder Coated Aluminium $1450

Includes 8 Canisters and Chopping board.

This kitchen is designed for using collapsible saucepans, kettles, washup dish etc.

Available on back-order


Additional information

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 80 × 80 × 80 cm

The Squat version of our camp kitchen is The Squatter!  Great for installing into vehicles with height restrictions.  This unit can fit just about everything as The Overlander but you need to use the “flat pack” cooking utensils,containers and sinks that squash down after use to fit into the squatter compartments.

Comes with 8 cannisters, led lights and chopping board.

The Squatter can be set up with the slide out  shelf opening to either left or right. Squatter  can be mounted either facing you or side on.

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