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Gas Bottle Holders


Travelling with gas bottles has always been an essential requirement when exploring our beautiful country. Whether it’s for cooking or a camp shower it’s always nice to have one or two gas bottles with you on any trip. 

Even though travelling with gas bottles has never been an easy task, we all know how dangerous it is to travel with them inside your car. So if you love caravanning, 4wding and camping our gas Bottle Holders will fit your gear. Our patented design gas bottle holders have been tested on the dustiest corrugated roads all throughout Australia and our customers love them. 



Will these fit Swap and Go gas bottles?

The Gas Bottle Holders offered by Top End Campgear are designed to accommodate Swap and Go gas bottles of varying sizes. Over the years, we have evolved our Gas Bottle Holders to ensure maximum compatibility with different gas bottle sizes. However, it is important to note that you should avoid choosing unusually smaller or larger bottles when swapping your gas bottle.

Can these be mounted to a platform type roof rack?

Regarding mounting options, the 3, 4 & 9kg Base Mount Gas Bottle Holders are all compatible with platform type roof racks. These Gas Bottle Holders have attachment slots on the base, allowing you to mount them in any orientation or position on your roof rack.

For the 2kg Roof Rack Gas Bottle Holder, it is specifically designed to be mounted on roof racks as the 2kg Base Mount is too small for this application.

How do these Gas Bottle Holders attach to vehicles?

To attach the Gas Bottle Holders to vehicles, the Base or Rear Mount Range comes with attachment slots on the bottom and back sides of the gas bottle holder, allowing for a range of mounting positions to suit your needs.

On the other hand, Top Mount Gas Bottle Holders are primarily designed to be mounted from the top, such as under a Ute Tray, but can also be mounted from the rear.  

What mounting hardware is needed?

Top End Campgear Gas Bottle Holders are recommended to be mounted using the 4x M8 bolts, nuts & washers which are supplied with the Gas Bottle Holder. 

The 2kg Roof Rack Mount will be supplied with channel nuts which will fit most platform type racks. 

Where can Gas Bottle Holders be used?

Top End Campgear Gas Bottle Holders are primarily designed to be mounted on vehicles but can also be mounted against walls or on work benches to allow stable and secure mounting of Gas Bottles.