The Overlander

The Overlander is a slightly more compact camp kitchen than The Longhaul as it comes with a slide out shelf instead of a stove.

This kitchen was developed to fit into smaller spaces, such as in ute canopy’s or 4wd wagons.  It also allows people to utilise their own gas stove or to put a small Weber™ type BBQ on the slide out shelf.  When cooking with a campfire, the slide out shelf is handy for additional preparation space.

The pantry and storage area is the same on this kitchen as The Longhaul  kitchen where everything fits neatly into the carpet lined interior so that it doesn’t become dislodged during travel, even on rough roads.  The Overlander comes with 8 food storage canisters, a bamboo cutting board and a wash up dish all custom designed to fit snugly into their allocated positions.

Closed up The Overlander measures:

  • 480mm high
  • 650mm wide
  • 520mm deep

Aluminum powder coated weighing around 25Kg
Stainless Steel weighing around 29Kg

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