Camp Kitchens

The Compact Camp Kitchen by Top End Campgear is designed and made in Australia to help make camp cooking quick and efficient.  The unit sets up in less than a minute and has all your essential cooking items in arms reach.  It’s perfect for meal preparation and cooking when out on the road traveling or simply out for the day.

The Compact Camp Kitchen is a stand alone, portable unit which if you choose can be mounted to just about any vehicle.   The unit offers specifically designed storage compartments that firmly hold all your necessary non-perishable cooking items along with the tools you need for food preparation and cooking such as utensils, pots and pans, plates, as well as a space for the wash-up tub and so much more.

When the Compact Camp Kitchen is closed up it measures 600mm high, 650mm wide and 520mm deep.  When the gas stove drawer is pulled out the entire unit measures 1240mm wide.

Compartments within the unit are designed to fit specific items and all internal walls and floors are lined with marine carpet allowing for items to be stowed tightly for transit to reduce wear and tear and it serves to drastically reduce rattling noise during rough road traveling.

Conveniently located on the side of the kitchen unit is the patented slide-out drawer housing a quality 2 burner gas stove with folding wind breaks.  In front of the stove is a fold-down stainless steel shelf for additional bench space and it serves as an area to place hot items.

The front door of the unit folds down to form your food preparation area, held in place by sturdy hinges.  This shelf comes complete with a bamboo cutting board that fits snugly inside the door frame.  The board can be lifted out for cleaning.

Strategically located above the prep area are two drawers for all your cutlery, cooking utensils and flat plates.  These high mounted drawers allow for easy access during food preparation, cooking and serving, providing an efficient work space.   All drawers are lined with carpet to reduce wear and tear and noise during transit.

Three LED lights are mounted on the unit for night time cooking.  They are strategically located on the lid, above the preparation area and over the stove.

The Kitchen comes complete with 8 canisters that fit tightly into the canister compartment, as well as a wash-up bowl and a bamboo cutting board that mounts in the front shelf.

The Kitchen is built with strong quality hinges and extra strong slides to hold the weight of all your kitchen items.  Rubber seals are placed around the lid and front fold-down door to ensure the unit is as dust proof and water proof as possible.

The Compact Camp Kitchen by Top End Campgear provides a convenient work space with everything in arms reach necessary to Prepare, Cook, Serve your meal and Clean up afterwards.   

Whether you are out traveling on holiday, a tradie on a work site, a truckie on an outback run or simply out for a Sunday drive, you can simply pull over in a parking bay, and with the Compact Camp Kitchen you’ll have all you need to cook a delicious meal…and clean up after yourself as it even has the kitchen sink!

Camp Kitchen Set-up on a Ute

The Top End Compact Camp Kitchen is a stand alone portable unit, but it can also be mounted to your vehicle.  The image below shows a custom fit-out in the back of a ute, right next to their slide-out fridge.  Check out our gallery and blog and facebook page for other mounting ideas for the Compact Camp Kitchen by Top End Campgear.

Compact Camp Kitchen Gallery

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