Bush Microwave

Compact and Collapsible, the Aussie Bush Microwave

Compact and Collapsible, the purpose built Aussie Bush Microwave is a portable and versatile cooking unit for around the camp fire or simply at home in the back yard. 

When dinner is over, the Aussie Bush Microwave doubles as a fire pit.  Sit back, relax and digest around your Bush Microwave!

Accessories allow the Bush Microwave to become a Grill, Hotplate, Spit or simply a Fire Pit.
Grill basket and Rotisserie are not included.

Supplied as flat panels which quickly and simply slot together to form the body of the cooking chamber.

For general cooking the unit is designed for coals to be placed in the cooking chamber or body of the unit (or transfer coals from your camp fire), then food is cooked either with in the coals such as for foil wrapped damper or baked spuds, or over the coals either on the BBQ Plate, in the wire grill basket or on a spit.  Your own cooking pots can also be placed over the coals, it’s up to you how you choose to adapt the Bush Microwave.

The Bush Microwave Gallery
Baking in the Coals, Bush Microwave
Baking in the Coals
Bush Microwave

Short Bush Microwave with the BBQ Plate

Bush Microwave with chops cooking in the Grill Basket
Bush Microwave with chops cooking in the Grill Basket

Two chickens being roasted on a Bush Microwave

The Watagans Weekend

Tall Bush Microwave in action, you can add a rotisserie . 

Bush Microwave, firepit
Relax around the Bush Microwave Fire Pit